Diversity & Inclusion

At Roland & Partners, D&I is an embedded part of how we are doing business; a diversity perspective is increasingly imperative in today’s organizations, thus, we strive to engage the entire workforce – in all its diversity.

D&I is a popular topic anno 2019, but it takes more than raised awareness to solve the issue. Increasing the number of women at every level of the organization will require tangible actions; it all starts by identifying and attracting candidates with divers perspectives and backgrounds.

We are dedicated to accelarating the pace of women reaching senior leadership roles; our most powerful value creation is to ensure that clients continuously meet high performing female candidates.

As a result, we have dedicated ourselves to presenting a diverse candidate pool; min. 50% of our presented prospects will be female.

In order to ensure female executives in senior management and BoD, we need to actively increase the pipeline of women in middle management roles. Also, todays leaders and organizations have to develop a culture and receptiveness that includes and embraces women e.g. offering flexible solutions to traditional job design etc.

Roland & Partners wish to help pave the road for future female leaders; by reducing biases and barriers from the search process in everything from mapping, position profiles, reward practices and in creating value propositions that appeal to a diverse group, we will help attract candidates of different gender and background.