Roland & Partners offer a new and innovative Talent Mapping product that help clients identify, qualify and screen talents and potential graduates throughout the world.

Our clients will initially define their need for new talents and graduates; we well identify motivated candidates with the requested educational background, professional skillset and compatible mind-set. This product is relevant if you wish to strengthen your talent pool and/or attract graduates for a specific functional area e.g. supply chain management, sales or finance etc..

Regarding this service, we have a global set-up, thus, we can help our clients attract the best talents worldwide.

Several clients have expressed a need to attract more female talents; we are able to provide specific lists with female candidates within e.g. engineering and IT etc..

By choosing this service our clients only spend time and resources on relevant talents and graduates; in addition, they will stay up-to-date with the latest talent pool and gain access to candidates who did not necessarily consider their company as a first choice.

Talent Management is an incremental part of any successful organization; in order to keep your competitive advantage you need to attract the best and the brightest.