About us

Roland & Partners is a Boutique Search firm with 8 dedicated search professionals; we aspire to be our clients preferred search partner based on a structured search process, impeccable quality, personal service and strong business acumen. Our experienced Consultants, Business Psychologists and Researchers help successful corporations identify, qualify and attract new employees to further strengthen their organization.

Executive Search is the foundation of our business; we help our clients attract new employees who add instant value, help the company reach their strategic objectives, and share the overall values of the organization. Based on a strong understanding of our client’s business as well as corporate culture; we strive to be a good ambassador as well as trusted advisor. Our services are always based on full discretion and confidentiality.

Through in-depth analysis, a strong network, thorough desktop research and qualified assessment, we ensure successful hiring of the best candidates. Besides taking full responsibility of the entire search process, we also offer a well-documented onboarding program that help candidates become an instant success in their new job.

Diversity & Inclusion is a key focus area; we understand our clients need to build diverse teams in order to move their business forward. Diversity & Inclusion strengthen the organization’s ability to thrive and grow, thus, we aim at presenting an equal number of female and male candidates in all our processes.

Our clients are private, public and private equity owned companies. We focus on functional areas as opposed to having a specific industry spike, hence, our core competency is recruitment of commercial positions as well as various staff functions at Executive-, Director-, Manager- and Specialist level.

Our main goal is to attract the best candidate for the job; as the local talent pool is decreasing, we help our clients map and attract prospects throughout the world. Always, ensuring candidates of both genders, different nationality, religion, sexuality, age and mind-set etc.

We look forward to working with you.

Best regards, Tanja & Co.